Mitchell believes in its people and a culture that nurtures innovation and excellence. This is evident through both our work achievements and the high caliber of our people. Industry feedback indicates that through promoting our culture, we have become an employer of choice for many; because we look after our people. The evidence is simple; our key personnel have worked together over many years as one team and now have an impressive and proven track record of delivering quality projects, safely, on time and on budget.

The platform of our culture is based on the following:

  • Maintain a “Think Safe, Talk Safe, Work Safe, Home Safe” attitude in all aspects of our business
  • Be the market leader when it comes to quality of outcomes
  • Be the market leader when it comes to driving the acceptance on innovation
  • Ensure that a diligent approach is taken in protecting our environment and cultural heritage and minimise any impacts on this ecologically and culturally rich country
  • Be an employer of choice
  • Set in place avenues for the continual improvement of every facet of our business
  • Engage with communities and businesses that are local to the areas in which we work
  • Retained knowledge through experience and training is the real value of the company


We are proud of our family company Australian heritage. At Mitchell we value each individual, we respect and encourage diversity and we create and promote a sense of belonging through working as a team in the belief that, collaborative achievement results in creative relationships of long-term mutual benefit.

Our corporate values are:

  • Integrity: Being our word in that what we say is what we do
  • Accountability: Taking responsibility for our own actions
  • Innovation and Excellence: Striving for better ways to provide quality outcomes
  • Diligence: Persevering to make our strengths stronger
  • Sustainability: Acting in a safe and environmentally friendly manner


At Mitchell, there is only one way to conduct business – with the highest ethical standards and in full compliance with the law. Our reputation as an ethical company is essential to our business and we are committed to conducting our business in a manner that earns us the respect and goodwill of those around us. Performing quality work, completing it on time, and dealing fairly and honestly with everyone involved are essential prerequisites in us maintaining our reputation. Our reputation is as important as any of our assets.

Corporate Management

Mitchell has grown from a small Victorian family business to become one of Australia’s largest privately owned pipeline engineering and construction companies. Our expansion into new capabilities and a broader geographic footprint has positioned us as a major player in the national pipeline and CSG gathering system construction industry.

Meeting this challenge is dictated by innovation to stay ahead of the competition and cost-effectiveness, while not reducing the quality of construction works and the safety of our employees. Our strength is in the quality of our people and our genuine relationships with clients, partners and communities. Our continuing growth and success is linked to our ability to deliver certainty for our clients through consistent performance and innovation.

Board of Directors

The Board’s mission and focus is to sustain and grow our business by aligning with current and future customer expectations, while valuing, developing and training our people and maintaining a culture consistent with our corporate traditions.

Our Team

Mitchell is Australian owned and supported by a management team that is multidisciplinary and equipped with a wealth of knowledge and experience. The majority of them have been with the company for over 10 years, and some over 30 years.

We believe in our people. We believe in a culture that nurtures innovation and development, this is evident through our work achievements and people capital. We pride ourselves on delivery of service of the highest calibre and quality. This is achieved by a team that is unified, focused and committed.

Our teams strive to:

  • Maintain a ‘Safety First’ attitude in all aspects of our business
  • Be the market leader when it comes to quality of outcomes
  • Be the market leader when it comes to driving the acceptance on innovation
  • Be an employer of choice
  • Engage with communities and businesses that are local to the areas in which we work


Wholly Australian family owned and operated, Mitchell maintains strong and consistent growth, with an impressive track record of increased revenue. The private ownership of the company facilitates a speed of decision making that when coupled with our financial strength and capabilities, provides outcomes of the highest possible benefit to both client and company.


Safety of our people, the environment and the communities in which we work have always been a priority. We have established a goal of zero harm across the entire company, promoting continual improvement of health, safety, environment and quality management. Mitchell is committed to conducting business and operations in a manner that promotes and protects the general health, safety and welfare of our workforce, the general public and the environment and are achieving this through our ‘empowerment method’.

Mitchell’s construction practices see projects planned and built by professional construction engineers working at the site coal face, directly guiding the day to day installation of works and empowering the blue collar work force to do their safest and their best. Mitchell identified a shortcoming in the management structure where engineers used to work more hands off, and found by having them involved in the field day by day directing crews and passing on the bigger picture, this elevated site safety to be a responsibility of the whole team, field personnel and engineers working as one.

Our empowerment method has shown dramatic improvements to our safety record and afforded productivity gains, creating a less stressful environment for everyone. Mitchell is also accredited by the Federal Safety Commissioner, having met the requirements of the Australian Government Building and Construction OHS Accreditation Scheme. The company’s Safety Plan has also been accredited to AS/NZS 4801.