GWM Water – Wimmera Mallee Pipeline

Wimmera Mallee Pipeline Project: An Engineering Success

On the $500M Wimmera Mallee Pipeline Project, in which Mitchell designed and built over 8,000km of pipelines, pump stations and water storages in four years, one of the engineering challenges was to keep Survey and Design ahead of the speed of construction. Dedicated teams of engineer’s and CAD draftspeople were trained to process the field survey data, design the graded pipeline profiles and prepare alignment plans at a very fast rate output through a systemised approach. Additionally As Built plans and GIS data were processed as construction proceeded.

This culminated in a throughput rate for performing Survey – Design – Approvals – Installation – As Built at over 100 kilometres per week.

Mitchell’s design optimisation ability has contributed to significant cost savings for many projects – cost savings estimated to be in the order of millions of dollars on the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline Project alone.

Committed to delivering high quality, technically advanced, professional and cost effective services and solutions to clients, Mitchell provide an exceptional design team consisting of civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and geotechnical engineers as well as a large team of GIS experts and draftspeople. Designing pipelines, pumping stations, switchboards, pumps, dams, tanks, critical road, rail and river crossings, roadways and underground and overhead power. Mitchell designers are resourceful and highly practical putting the outcome to be achieved the priority.

Mitchell can either work with client supplied materials or can purchase and arrange supply of all the materials, no matter the size of the project. On the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline Project, Mitchell successfully undertook the supply and delivery of some $200M of materials.

With the installer supplying the materials, the client reduces their contract risk by shifting responsibility of any delays to the contractor. A win for the client, Mitchell relishes the opportunity to efficiently program and manage the whole of the supply chain to match real time construction needs. With Mitchell procuring materials, project scheduling can be improved, delivering real project time and cost benefits to clients. Daily meetings and conference calls are co-ordinated by Mitchell engineers and supervisors direct with suppliers keeping abreast of supply programs and overcoming material supply bottlenecks. If issues do occur, they are then Mitchell's problem to remedy, not the client’s.

Client Benefits

    • Storage and security of materials are the responsibility of Mitchell.
    • Mitchell has dedicated procurement teams to manage the supply chain, efficiently store and secure fittings and hardware and is responsible for the timely delivery to site crews.
    • Streamlined procurement systems lead to efficient and responsive project management and reduced costs.
    • Mitchell‘s buying power ensures clients get the best prices on bulk materials.
    • Long term supplier relationships mean Mitchell‘s are often able to bring forward the manufacture and fabrication of critical items, when others cannot.