Mitchell is one of Australia’s largest dedicated water and gas pipeline contractors with an advantageous reputation of being at the forefront of constructing water and gas pipelines and associated infrastructure for over 35 years. With the capacity to perform the design, survey, procurement, and environmental and cultural management associated with constructing pipelines we also take on construction of all associated systems including water storages, pump stations, controls and communications, valving, power, well pad and wellhead facility works.

Mitchell delivers through innovative construction practice, clearly evident in recent resource projects where team has built an excellent reputation in the construction of coal seam gas upstream gathering pipeline systems, leading the way with quality and innovation in PE welding and installation practices.


Mitchell’s ability to deliver high quality, technically advanced, professional and cost effective solutions to clients, means that we can significantly contribute to cost savings. Our drive for innovation is carried through the design process. With an experienced team and their capacity to provide design capabilities to a project in the most efficient and innovative modes possible, we are at the cutting edge of the industry. The design team is highly experienced with many years at the forefront of the industry. The team uses a multi-disciplinary approach to basic design, issues and problems.

CSG Gas and Water Gathering

For the coal seam gas industry, Mitchell can undertake the complete engineering, procurement, warehousing and construction of gathering systems form wellhead to market:

    • HDPE gas and water gathering pipelines
    • Pumping stations
    • Well pad works and well head installation
    • Low point drain installations and completions
    • High point vent installations
    • HDPE spooling and above ground piping
    • Pneumatic and Hydrostatic testing

Water Delivery Systems

Mitchell Water offers the following types of water delivery systems:

Irrigation Systems

Highly skilled at installing HDPE and PVC pipe, reduced costs through efficient installation is the Mitchell core deliverable. All of this can only be achieved by accumulating a body of experience and knowledge that is unsurpassed in the industry; this is what makes us number one in the business. We deliver through innovative construction practice, efficiency of construction methodology and a peak standard of environmental impact minimisation.

Bulk and distribution water delivery systems

Mitchell specialises in the following construction activities and pipe types, with high quality and speed are at the heart. This is achieved through Mitchell’s ability to design, install and commission a pipeline; a fully integrated and coordinated service that delivers the highest quality product.

  • Bulk Water Transfer Pipelines
  • Water Distribution Pipelines
  • PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride)
  • PE (Polyethylene)
  • MSCL (Mild Steel Cement Lined)
  • DICL (Ductile Iron Cement Lined)
  • GRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic)
  • SS (Stainless Steel)
  • Pumping Stations
  • Power
  • Storage Tanks
  • Earthen Reservoirs

Poly Welding

Mitchell’s expertise and innovation in PE welding techniques provides clients with assurance that the quality of their project is verified and demonstrated. Our poly welding systems include:

    • Trailer mounted mobile welding systems
    • High pressure butt welding
    • Fast Fusion cooling
    • NDT – Time Of Flight Diffraction weld inspection
    • Pneumatic and hydrostatic testing
    • Quality verification data
    • Weld qualifications
    • Accredited welders
    • Material data register
    • Traceability
    • Accurate GPS as built
    • Quality audits
    • Full time inspections
    • Pneumatic and Hydrostatic Testing verification


Mitchell’s teams of dedicated pipeline field surveyors understand the dynamic of long distance pipeline survey and have systems in place that ensure final data is right and fit for purpose. This allows pipelines to be designed and constructed without a hitch. Lines are pegged and routes are finalised with the latest GPS technology during initial survey phases – a process that produces major cost savings by reducing the need to resurvey later on. Our philosophy of doing things once and doing it right saves so much time in the long run. Graded pipelines that run out of cover are a thing of the past due to our processes and experienced survey teams.

Mitchell’s office based survey team processes data with the latest Trimble Terramodel Survey/Design/Construction software and ARC GIS software. Constructed information is picked up by survey or by data collected using the on board machine control systems on the trenchers.

Pneumatic & Hydrostatic Testing

Once pipeline installation in a given sector of a project is complete, Mitchell’s pressure testing teams go to work. We have experienced professionals that have been trained to undertake pressure testing with safety of workers and the public at the highest consideration. Our success is demonstrated by the fact that Mitchell has never had a safety incident occur during pressure testing. Workers follow strict procedures and protocols and only use pretested equipment and machinery. Prior to testing, exclusion zones are notified and then sign boarded and enforced.

All tests are documented and lodged as proof that the pipeline has undergone the required tests to certify its ability to withstand the designed maximum operating pressures.

Procurement and Warehousing

Mitchell can incorporate the purchase, shipment and warehousing of all the required materials for small and large-scale construction projects. Material take offs and purchase orders are carried out by the Engineering Team, then passed onto Mitchell’s Materials Management and Logistics Team for processing and expediting when necessary.