Mitchell prides itself on leading the way in innovative machinery. Our goal is to reduce the footprint on operations connected to the environment and increase production, all the while ensuring the safety of our staff. Along with our modern fleet of equipment, we have many equipment innovations that have been custom designed and built to assist us in maintaining a competitive edge in the industry. The equipment and machinery, plus in-house implemented rigorous procedures and processes, ensures that all plant and machinery is maintained to a very high standard – reducing emissions, down time and the risk of spills and environmental accidents infield.


Mitchell has an extensive range of fully owned equipment, including: 21 Bucket Wheel Trenchers and Vermeer Rock Saws, Excavators to 45T, Graders, Loaders, Flocons, Backhoes and Floats.

Innovation – Specialist Equipment


An example of innovative construction design driven through best practice is the ‘BulletPlow’ system. The BulletPlow is a very low impact pipeline installation tool that leaves only a small rip mark with some minor track marks. It offers unique environmental benefits and has proven to be highly successful when installing pipelines in sensitive areas or protected vegetation. This revolutionary technology allows for a trenchless construction method whereby the topsoil is not disturbed or removed, completely alleviating all erosion impacts on vegetation rejuvenation. The system also allows for minimal reinstatement work due to its limited impact on the earth.The BulletPlow trenchless construction method is fast and efficient in construction, which allows for reduced time impacts on landholders and stakeholders. Trenchless construction methodology means no stock loss from falling into trenches. Mitigating impacts to landholders is not only good practice – it is best practice.


Mitchell’s custom designed and manufactured welding trailers or “WeldBarges” as they are known, provide:

GREATER SAFETY OF OPERATORS: WeldBarges are engineered to eliminate hazards with welding PE pipe. This is done by using a trailer system with rollers and lifting rams that guide the pipe into place on the welder without human interaction.

BETTER QUALITY: With pipe not strung onto the ground, but loaded directly onto the WeldBarge, pipes are kept clean, straight and round. Facilitating better welds and a cleaner finished product.

GREATER EFFICIENCY: productivity is gained by having pipe go directly into the trench, complete with drain tees, bends and branch tees, as soon it is welded.

In Trench 'ShakerBox'

Mitchell’s ‘ShakerBoxes’ allow for the natural ground to be reused as padding without the need to import material from offsite, reducing the risk of pathogen spread. Unlike other bedding and padding systems, ours operates inside the trench and is very compact and efficient, allowing for productivity without forsaking the environment.