Mitchell leads the way in the design and construction of long distance water and gas pipelines and associated infrastructure.

The Mitchell drive for innovation is carried through the design process. The experience of our team delivers an innovative solution for the project and whole of life value for money to our clients.

The design team is extremely experienced with many years at the forefront of the industry, and uses a multi-disciplinary approach to basic design, issues and problems.

Hydraulic modelling, optimisation, detailed design of all civil, mechanical, electrical and telemetry aspects is how Mitchell provide a full suite of engineering capability.

Lee Briggs
Engineering Manager

Mitchell is synonymous with innovation.
Our specialist integrated project teams deliver ‘best for project’ outcomes.


Our Capabilities

Concept Design
  • Complex Pipeline Systems
  • Pipeline and Channel Systems
  • Feasibility
Hydraulic and Surge Analysis
  • Network modelling of pumped and gravity systems
  • Optimisation
  • Surge analysis and mitigation
  • Route Selection
  • Machine Grade Control
  • Sensitive Area Pegging
  • Existing Service Tracking
Pipeline Design – Grading, Plan Preparation
  • Optimisation of pipe size and class
  • Grading
  • Plan Preparation
  • Construction Detailing
  • Computer Modeling of Pumped, Gravity and Channel Systems
  • Roads
  • Well Pads
  • Access
  • Bulk Earthworks
Mechanical Design
  • Pump Stations
  • Channel Inlets
Electrical Design
  • Pump Stations
  • Scada
  • Power Generations
  • Power Supply and Connections
Pump Stations
  • Design and Functionality
  • Optimisation
  • Buildings
  • Foundations
  • Security
Storage Tanks
  • Steel Tanks up to 3ML
  • Poly Tanks
  • Stock Troughs and Optimal Locations
Earthen Storages
  • Major Storages
  • Channels
  • Rehabilitation
River Extraction Pumping
  • Design
  • Piling
  • Protection
Geographical Information Systems
  • Approvals Management
  • Live Design Changes
  • Live Landholder Data
  • Live Sensitive Sites Data
  • Remote Operations
  • Monitoring
  • Control
  • Retro Fit
As Constructed
  • GIS
  • Asset Register
  • Material Data Registers
  • Operations Manual
  • Operations Training
  • Maintenance Training
  • Handover/Shutdown Management

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The team is experienced with many years at the forefront of the industry, useing a multi-disciplinary approach to basic design, issues and problems.


Our team of dedicated pipeline field surveyors understand the challenges of long distance pipeline survey and have systems in place that ensure final data is right and fit for purpose.

Design & Construct

This allows pipelines to be designed and constructed without a hitch. Pipeline survey and specific grade design potentially reduces Low Point Drain costs and certainly provides better pipe flow performance and pumping energy savings across the lifetime of the pipeline.

This is done by assuring the High Point Vents are accurately located in water lines and Low Point Drains are accurately located in gas lines, with small highs in natural surface profile being graded through.

Full Survey Capability

The business continues to innovate using latest technology to provide a full survey capability and is fully integrated with our Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) to provide:

  • Real-time spatial date to engineering teams at all locations
  • Support and maintain all spatial software for field and office teams, e.g ArcGIS framework
  • Establish and maintain all engineering design linkages and relationships with geospatial datasets
  • Provide spatial products such as mapping, digital data, spatial analysis, etc, as required
  • Ensure all spatial data is secure, version controlled, and available to end users