No two projects are the same. Mitchell excels at composing tailormade and innovative methodologies to construct each project in a safe, sustainable and cost effective manner.

Project Scope

Members from our Design, Survey, Engineering and Construction teams work closely together to develop a deep understanding of each project and the challenges it may present.

We have, over the many years of pipeline design and construction, developed knowledge and expertise that provide value for money to our clients, whilst meeting all the performance and operation requirements.

Engineering Management Plan

For all major projects we develop an Engineering Management Plan for the delivery of the scope, with constructability being a key enabler for successful project delivery. A good constructability program facilitates the optimisation and use of construction knowledge and experience in planning, design, procurement, and field construction to achieve the overall project goals and objectives.

Mitchell will instigate the early implementation of a robust and realistic constructability program that traverses the Mitchell tendering process, through to establishment and implementation from the outset of the project.