Delivering infrastructure in regional locations and the challenges this creates is business as usual for Mitchell.

Engaging with landowners, the community, employing locally, sourcing resources from local suppliers and subcontractors is key to our business model and the ultimate success of regional projects.

Mitchell is committed to local Australia.
And leaving a positive effect on the community for years to come.

We have developed strategies that consider the individual issues and concerns of these stakeholders as construction progresses. Some key strategies we have used include:
  • Adopting a ‘good neighbour’ policy for community relations;
  • Encouraging the Project Team individually to buy goods and services where possible locally;
  • Developing Memorandums of Understanding’s with identified key stakeholders;
  • Sponsoring local community clubs and events;
  • Conducting talks on interesting aspects of the project with local community organisations and associations;
  • Local School Programs; and Project Open Day with tours organised for the local community; and
  • Uphold membership with Supply Nation to ensure supplier diversity.

Supply for Mitchell

Mitchell seeks to work with contractors and suppliers who are economically, environmentally and socially responsible.

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