HSEQ Management


Workforce empowered to make safe decisions

For our business to prosper and grow, we recognise the need for excellence in what we deliver and how it is delivered.  Our aim is to ensure a quality service is achieved through the development of a quality approach and attitude.  We expect the personal actions of our staff and employees at all levels will strive for the achievement of maximum mutual benefit for all parties concerned in our business activities.

The Mitchell Accredited Integrated Management System (IMS) covers all areas of our normal work scope. The integrated approach means that safety, environment and quality are looked at together which allows for a thorough set of controls.

Not separating the work systems prevents the silo effect from interfering with the Company’s performance, which also results in Mitchell being able to adapt quickly to any change during project planning or delivery.

Regular audits (internal and external) are conducted to ensure compliance with the IMS and ISO14001 Environment, ISO9001 Quality, ISO45001 Occupational, Health and Safety and Federal Safety WHS Accreditation Scheme.

At Mitchell, the safety of our people, the environment and the communities in which we work have always been a priority. Mitchell has established a goal of Zero harm across the entire company promoting continual improvement of health, safety, environment and quality management.

The health and safety of our staff has always been of paramount importance and this philosophy is reflected in our goal of Zero Harm and our company culture.

Rob Shelton
General Manager


Accredited to both ISO45001 and the Federal Government Building and Construction OHS Accreditation Scheme, Mitchell believe that the safety is the most important objective of any project.

We have established a goal of zero harm across the entire company, promoting continual improvement of health, safety, environment and quality management. Mitchell is committed to conducting business and operations in a manner that promotes and protects the general health, safety and welfare of our workforce, the environment and all our stakeholders. We achieving this through our ‘empowerment model’.

Mitchell construction practice is for projects to be planned and built by professional construction engineers working on site at the “coal face”. By directly guiding the day to day works we empower the blue-collar work force to do their safest and best. Mitchell believes it is a shortcoming in a management structure where engineers work more hands off, from “the office”, and by having them involved in the field day by day directing crews and passing on the bigger picture, has elevated site safety to a responsibility of the whole team; field personnel and engineers working as one.