Mitchell designed and constructed the project which included 20km's of DICL DN450 pipelines with a 0.5ML balance tank. Works also included the conversion of an existing Wolumla Village reservoir to a balance tank for an ultimate transfer of 20ML/day of raw water from South Bega reservoir site to the inlet pipe-work into Yellow Pinch Dam. Flouride and Chlorine Dosing Equipment was also costructed at the Sough Bega Reservoir along with a 1ML reservoir at Wolumla.

The project was designed to improve the water supply security of the existing Tantawangalo-Kiah water supply system. It will also lessen extraction of water from Tantawangalo Creek and the Kiah Borefield during low stream flows by connecting a new source of water to the system and enhance operational flexibility in the supply of water from the sources and dams to customers.

Project Details

  • 20km of DICL pipelines 450mm in diameter
  • 132Kw Pump Station at Bega
  • Flouride and Chlorine Dosing equipment
  • New 1.0ML concrete reservoir
  • Upgrade Wolumla Pump Station
  • Upgraded existing 0.5ML Balance Tank at South Bega
  • Above ground creek crossing attached underneath Frogs Hollow Bridge
  • Survey, design and As-Constructed plans
  • Traffic Management along Pacific Hwy