Mitchell were awarded the contract for completion of 440km DN63 to DN800 Gathering Pipelines for Santos. In addition to the pipelines, Mitchell carried out civil works for completions of HSC04 and HSC05 hubs after the plant became live and under strict permit systems. The civils included procurement and construction of road pavements, drainage, bituminous sealing, concrete works and steel works.

Project Details

  • Major Tie ins
  • Live Digs & connections
  • Pneumatic strength and leak testing
  • Completion of PE pipelines
  • Replacement of GRE pipeline with SDR7.4 PE
  • Completion of Steel pipeline reinstatement
  • CP commissioning
  • Low Point Drains
  • High Point Vents
  • Golden Welds
  • Reinstatement
  • Test Packs
  • Material Data Register
  • Quality documents turnover