Mitchell met all the requird criteria on this milestone project, significantly through the use of our innovative systems. Mitchell specifically developed over trench welding barges for this project that allowed the direct installation of the pipe and tees. All were butt welded on the weld barge and laid direct to the trench, removing the need to use large electrofusion couplings, improving safety, quality and productivity.

Project Details

  • 222km PE100 up to DN630
  • Nil use of Electrofusion Couplings >DN250
  • Single High Pressure Butt Fusion Fast Cool Welding
  • 100% Time of Flight Diffraction NDT testing
  • 100% Pneumatic strength and leak testing
  • 100% GPS weld location and traceability
  • 100% traceability of all materials
  • 100% Welding qualification
  • Native soil screened for bed and pad
  • Marker tape and added tracer wire above the pipe
  • Pull through cleaning of each pipe at welding
  • Pneumatic flushing for pipe cleanliness verification
  • Machine control graded trenching including engineering survey and design by Mitchell
  • Full installation of facilities and tie-ins