The South West Loddon Pipeline Project provided a new pressurised raw water pipeline supply system to a farming region of approximately 2,900 km2 located generally to the south of Korong Vale in Victoria. The unprecedented EPC scope required Mitchell to prepare and obtain ministerial approval of all planning documentation, pipeline route selection, environmental and cultural heritage field flora, fauna & cultural surveys, hydraulic design, construction of approximately 1,300km of water pipelines, pump stations, storages and power supply to service more than 600 rural properties.

Project Details

  • Planning Approval (Environment Management Framework Plan, Native Vegetation Offset Strategy, Native Vegetation Offset Plans, Threatened Species Management Plan, Construction and Environmental Management Plan, Project Design Impact Assessment Report including completion of flora and fauna surveys, 5No. Cultural Heritage Management Plans)
  • 1300 km of pipelines up to 450mm DICL, PVC and HDPE
  • Air, isolation, scour outlets & stock offtakes
  • 11 pumping stations including over 40 pump sets
  • SCADA control
  • 8 storage tanks up to 2.5ML
  • 630 meter connections including Firefighting infrastructure
  • 7 metre deep concrete wet well pumping station
  • Warranga Channel offtake
  • Over 15,000m HDD creek and road crossings
  • 25 Rail and Road Thrust Bores up to DN630
  • Landholder liaison (1200 property owners)