The Nimmie Caira Stock and Domestic Water Supply Scheme supplies stock and non-potable domestic water to the entire Nimmie Caira property. The property is 84,417 ha situated in the lower reaches of the Murrumbidgee River floodplain (the Lowbidgee) between Maude and Balranald, South Western NSW. It is a vital component the Lowbidgee being the largest remaining area of wetlands in the Murrumbidgee Valley. The project balances environmental and Aboriginal cultural heritage protection with commercial use, and by doing so creates an asset for the local community and the Murray Darling Basin.

Project Details

  • 377 km distribution pipelines ranging from DN50-DN200 HDPE
  • 1 automated remote controllable river pumpstation including building, instream structure, mechanical, electrical and software
  • 1 automated remote controlled booster pumpstation including building, mechanical, electrical and software
  • Construction of two 0.2mL balancing tanks
  • 232 fabricated scour, air, stop valve assemblies with concrete surrounds
  • 113 concrete troughs sitting on concrete slabs
  • 140 poly tanks installed
  • Survey, design and As-Constructed plans
  • Commissioning, provision of Operating Manuals and Training