The WMPP remains the largest water infrastructure project undertaken in Australia. It involved the replacement of approximately 18,000km’s of inefficient earthen channel with 9,000km’s of pressurised pipeline and associated earthen and tank storages, pump stations and other structures. The pipeline supplies water to 8,000 rural properties andd 36 towns over an area of two million hectares (10% of the area of Victoria).

Major construction challenges included major river crossings, a variety of cultural heritage sites and liaising with some 4,000 property owners.

Mitchell designed and constructed six of the seven supply systems in just over 3 years, delivering the project 6 years ahead of the original 10 year time frame.

Mitchell’s safety performance on the project was outstanding, completing 900,000 manhours without a single LTI.

Project Details

  • Design & construct 8,000 km’s of pipelines, pump stations, earthen storages and storage tanks
  • 100 km bulk water transfer DN 711 and DN 1016 MSCL Pipe RRJ
  • 1200 km Truck pipeline DN 200 to DN 450 PVC
  • 6700 km of distribution pipeline DN 50 to DN PVC and HDPE
  • 27 pump stations
  • 28 water storage tanks
  • 12 earthen storages
  • 80 major waterway crossings
  • 60 rail bore crossings
  • 100 major bored road crossings
  • 2,200 minor road crossings