The Roma West 2B project was one of a series of Call Off orders from Santos. The contract structure was a Services Agreement containing a schedule of rates for Direct work items, and an agreed Indirect cost amount for the Call Off order for the proposed section of work.

This particular section included gas and water gathering pipelines, along with the added complexity of installation of HV & FOC reticulation, often commingled within the trenches with the PE Gas & Water pipelines.

Pneumatic testing was progressively completed in five defined sections, allowing a sequenced handover of the asset to commence early gas extraction.

Completed on time and on budget, with zero defects, despite significant challenges of slow rock excavation and inclement weather.

Project Details

  • 98km of PE100 pipelines to DN630
  • 98km of High Voltage cable to 33kV installation & testing
  • 98km of Fibre Optic cable installation, splicing & testing
  • Live gas & water tie in connections
  • 100% Pneumatic strength and leak testing
  • 100% GPS weld location and traceability
  • 100% traceability of all materials
  • 100% Welding qualification
  • Native soil screened for bed and pad
  • Marker tape and added tracer wire above pipe
  • Pull through cleaning of each pipe at welding
  • Pneumatic flushing for pipe cleanliness verification