The scope of work included construction of 360km of pipelines ranging in diameter size from 50mm to 300mm, supplied by Iplex Pipelines. The works also included construction of a 140 megalitre earthen storage lagoon and an automated remote controllable multi-component pump station.

A major challenge on the project from the outset was the resistance of several key Landowners to joining the scheme threatening to derail the project. Face to face meetings between the Landowners and Managing Director Wayne Mitchell established Landowner consent for the 40km of pipelines to be constructed through their properties, with access points omitted pending resolution of Water Authority issues.

Project Details

  • 360km of pipelines 300-50mm in diameter
  • 1 automated remote controllable multi-component Pump station, including buildings, mechanical, electrical and software
  • 140 ML Earthen Lagoon
  • Manage Landholder Liaison
  • Survey, design and As-Constructed plans
  • Commissioning, provision of Operating Manuals and Training